Displays – KS2


This is a lovely display to highlight the individuality within your classroom whilst encouraging the important message of collaboration, teamwork and togetherness.

Fixed versus Growth

A fixed mindset versus a growth mindset display!

Change your Words

A push for positivity in your classroom. Encourage your children to be mindful of the words they are using. If our self talk is negative then our confidence will be low.

This fantastic display acts as a reminder!


Allow your children to create the magic recipe for different areas of the curriculum. The points on the display act as the success criteria.

When I grow up

Love this display. Used down the school you will get the usual teacher, nurse etc…

Be interesting to see what your KS2 class would like to be.

Recipe for Writing

The recipe for fantastic writing.

Connectives -London Underground

This is a fantastic way to teach your children about connectives in a meaningful way. Different stops represent different story connectives. Inspectors are always looking for displays that the children can use on a daily basis, which is why this display is one of our favourites.

Improving Vocabulary

Allow your children to create their own display to showcase their vocabulary.

Incredible Work

Creating a wall display like this one is a great way to encourage your class. It gives them a target to aim for. The boys would especially love this wall and you could capitalise on this is make it a literacy display to encourage reluctant readers and writers. I’m sure the boys will be putting their best efforts to try and get their work on the ‘Incredible Hulk Wall’.


This is a lovely way to highlight special achievements and special pieces of work throughout the year. I love the flexibility with this display as the spotlight can be on any child, for any reason, across any subject. You could link it in with behaviour, friendship, manners, written work, oral work,  and sharing; the possibilities are endless! Let us know what you did with your display on our Facebook page.

Story Bags

Allow your class to see the success criteria for writing a fantastic narrative. This display guides your children in their quest to write a fantastic story.


An eye-catching display for those of you who are learning about the RMS Titanic. Allow your class to plan and design as much of this as possible.

Chimney Sweeps

Lovely artwork that has created an effective display from children exploring the Victorians. If you are looking for more information on the Victorians visit our page by clicking here.

The Vikings

A visual Vikings display. Displays like this one bring your topic to life. Allow the children to design and create as much of the display as possible.

Writing Goals

This display is great as it allows the children to keep a track of their targets in the lower end of the school. I especially like how the post-it notes were used as the children can progress on to new targets, nothing is set in stone. Encourage the children to select their own targets, encouraging them to be more reflective in their learning journey. A display such as this also gives the children physical reminders about the teaching points opposed to oral reminders. You can even differentiate the targets depending on ability.

Tricky Tables

A fantastic display that the children can create to help them learn their tables. Creating a display like this not only gives the children an enjoyable, concrete method of learning tables, it also allows them to quantify the amounts giving them meaning.


There are many different reasons for having a display. Sometimes the display showcases work and sometimes the display brings a topic to life. A classroom display is said to be very effective when the children can interact with it and use it as a reference and resource. This classroom display is a great way to encourage children to learn new vocabulary and include it in their writing.

Shout Outs

A great way to encourage positive relationships and mutual respect between peers and kindness in the classroom. Allow the children to give someone a special mention who deserves it!


Embrace the technology age with this variation of a ‘Helpers’ classroom display. A great way to present a helpers board. You could also create an iPad instead of the iPhone.

Writer of the Week

This display is a great way for teachers to give budding writers the stage to showcase their talents. Make a big deal of achievements, because to some child, it could mean the world.

Six Thinking Hats

Give the term ‘put on your thinking hats’ some meaning. This is a widely practiced strategy in schools across the world today. You can help the children in your class break down the analysing process using the steps of the hats.

Starry Night

Based on the ‘Starry Night’ artwork by Van Gogh, this wall display would brighten up any classroom!

On Stage

A great display to showcase some fantastic work.