Order the Words

This is great ordering activity that shows your children a list of words and using the initial letter, your class must sort them.

The class can use the alphabet strip at the bottom to help them to progress through the levels.

This activity is also useful to develop word recognition.

Letter Recognition

The children can work on their letter recognition using this resource. They must listen carefully and click the letter that is spoken/shown.

Alphabet Song

A catchy song for your children to learn the sequence of the alphabet. The children can listen the first few times and then join in. They will love it!

Alphabetical Order

Can you help monkey place all the letters in the correct order?

The children must listen to the order of the alphabet, and when they are happy the letters fall to the ground. Your children must then place the letter into alphabetical order. Once a letter is selected, the letter name is spoken for reinforcement.

Ordering Words

Are your class able to read these words and place them into alphabetical order?

This resource allows your children to place words, colours, names and more into alphabetical order using the initial sound.

Alphabetical Checker

This activity allows your children to enter a list of words and the software puts the words into alphabetical order.

This is a great resource for your class to use when self assessing their alphabetical order work.