Spelling App ( Free )

This is a fantastic spelling app to help bring fun back into learning spellings and completing tests. The teacher can create lists using the spellings of their choice and they can also create multiple tests depending on ability. You can also add your voice to the spellings to enable the children to complete spellings independently as a task. At the end of the test, the children get a score and they have the option to look over and complete corrections. The children also have the option to email the marks to the teacher. Super Literacy app!

Story Maker ( Free )

When creating ibooks or stories in Literacy, you couldn’t get a more user-friendly app. This learning app allows the child to create multiple-page stories using hand-drawn or imported images. The children can use the iPads to take pictures, then add text to the images. The children can also exchange their work using email and add their own voice recordings to narrate their story.