Consonant Blends

Colourful Sounds

It’s amazing how such a simple activity can get children involved in finding and remembering blends in context! Look closely!

Clusters and Activity Cards

This resource helps your children look at initial clusters in words as well as comparing different sounds to ensure the sounds are learnt correctly.

This activity is very useful for children who won’t always sound out naturally or blend carefully. The children must match the consonant cluster to the pictures and complete the activity card that accompanies the sounds.

This resource explores dr cr fr br tr gr bl sl cl sp sk and st clusters.

Consonant Blends Flashcards

If you are looking for flashcards to develop consonant blends at the beginning of words then we have the resource for you.

We have included words that will encourage your lower ability Foundation Stage children and other words to stretch your higher ability children.

The children can use this resource for consonant blends and word recognition or as a word matching activity to stop your children guessing words based on the initial sounds. The resource has been created using PrimarySassoonInfant font to encourage correct letter formations and flicks.

Our resource explores the blends: sh, ch, th, wh, tr, tw, st, sw, sp, sc, sn, sk, pl, pr, gl, gr, fl, fr, dr, bl, cl, cr and br.

Overall, this is a fantastic resource for foundation stage classrooms.

Sounds 'n' Dice

In this activity, your class must roll two dice and they will land on a square with a sound in it. The children can say the sound and get one point. If the children land on a ‘splat’ square they lose a point.

Creating Words

This is a great phonics resource to have when looking at consonant clusters in words. it looks at different words using the st   sk   sn   sl   sp  sc   sh   sm  and  sw  sounds.
Our one minute phonics activity is a great and fast paced way to get your class engaged and focused on their phonics lesson.
The first group of activity cards explore mostly four letter CCVC words. It explores words such as spot, skid, slip, stop, step, spin, scan, scar, shin, ship, swim, smog and many more.
The children can place the different sounds together to see if they can create a word. These specific sounds have also been chosen to develop vowel sounds within words.
The second group activity cards focus on words that have more than four letter to challenge your more able children. Words such as skirt, snail, snake, stamp, swing, smile, speed and skate are some of the many words the children can create.
Click the image to download this resource.

Pacman Blends

This is a phonics game based on the format of the original arcade game Pacman.

The children are working on initial consonant clusters and must read the CCVC words to move around the board. This learning game also works on word recognition and improves sight vocabulary.

The children will get into pairs. The first child will start at the Pacman and will try to read all the words to reach the Teaching Cave logo. The second player will choose a ghost and follow player 1’s Pacman. Every 5 seconds, player 2 will move their ghost to the next word in an attempt to catch the Pacman.

Once the children have grasped the game, reduce the waiting time for the ghost.

Pacman - Consonant Clusters (Harder)

This is a phonics game based on the format of the original arcade game Pacman.
The children are working on initial consonant clusters and must read the words to move around the board.

Consonant Clusters - sh, ch, and th

This one minute phonics activity works on the sh, ch and th sounds. The children must match the pictures to the consonant cluster. Some of the pictures have different consonant clusters to challenge your class and ensure they differentiate sounds.

The activity card in each cluster encourages the children to have a go at spelling a few of the sh, ch or th words, complete the sentences and finally, write their own sentence to consolidate the chosen sh word in the context of a sentence.

Consonant Blends Spelling Flashcards

This resource allows your class to put their consonant blends knowledge to the test and spell words independently.

The children must look at the pictures and stretch and spell the words.

By printing off these flashcards, your children can choose pictures at random to develop phonological awareness and spelling skills, focusing on consonant blends at the beginning of words.

Trigraph Clusters

This resource gives your class the opportunity to spot consonant trigraph words within simple sentences.

The children will read the sentences and write the words with the consonant trigraph at the bottom.

There are 12 flashcards altogether.

Consonant Cluster Game

I feel this is one of the most fun games for children to play when learning consonant clusters.

You can choose up to four players and the children must create words to progress through the game.

You can select the specific clusters you want to work on or you can choose them all.

Fantastic CCVC word resource!

First Blends

This is a great resource that helps your children with recognising initial and final blends in words to help them spell.

There is a visual to accompany the words and the children can also listen to the voiceover to help.

Initial Blends

Allow your class to consolidate their learning of the br pr tr dr gr cr fr sounds by playing this great game.

Once a word has been spoken, your children must locate the word on the screen.

Bowling Blends

Can your class identify the initial blend on the word that is spoken? Select the correct answers and get as many strikes as possible.

Sh, Ch and Th

This is a fantastic resource which allows your children to develop their understand of sh, ch, and th words.

CCVC Word Recognition

Give your children to opportunity to develop their recognition of CCVC words, paying particular attention to the blends at the beginning of words.

Consonant Clusters

This game focuses on consonant digraphs. Launch the rockets into space by creating the words. Again the words are broken up into sounds to assist spelling.