‘ar’ sound

Shark in the Park

This video clip is the perfect way to introduce your new sound, the ‘ar’ sound. The children can listen carefully to the phonics story and recognise ‘ar’ words when they have been spoken.

You can extend this activity by asking the children to write the words on a whiteboard, type them on an iPad or create them using cubes or other practical resources.

Treasure Chest

This game works on developing sight vocabulary and word recognition of ‘ar’ words.

The children must place the ‘ar’ coins in the chest and the nonsense words in the bin.

Look, cover, write, check

This game allows your children to work on their spelling skills of ‘ar’ words that you choose.

This activity is great as it allows you to differentiate to give different groups different ‘ar’ words.

'ar' Word Recognition Game

This is a phonics game that allows your children to listen to the ‘ar’ words and then click the correct word that has been spoken.

'ar' Games

These are great learning games to help consolidate the learning of the ‘ar’ sound. The children will learn new ‘ar’ words to develop their sounds’ knowledge and also work on their sight vocabulary to improve fluency when reading ‘ar’ words in context.

Add the 'ar' word

In this worksheet the children must think carefully and add in the correct ‘ar’ words to complete the sentences.

You can have some children in your class writing the words only and some writing out the sentences with the ‘ar’ words given.

To stretch your HA children remove the ‘ar’ words from the word bank.

'ar' words and sentences

This is a super set of ‘ar’ worksheets for your phonics lesson. The children will work on creating new ‘ar’ words, matching the ‘ar’ words to the picture, and finally, complete the sentences by adding in the ‘ar’ words.

'ar' Activity Sheet

This worksheet is great for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the children are challenged to read for meaning by reading the sentences and then ‘sound spot’ by finding the ‘ar’ words.

Secondly, it allows children to build on what they have learnt, be creative and create a sentence of their own.

Thirdly, match the image to the words, which works on word recognition and understanding.

Finally, a fun word search to finish the activity.

Complete the Sentences

This worksheet encourages the children to think carefully and add in the correct ‘ar’ word to complete the sentence.

This activity also encourages your children to think about adding in full stops at the end of their sentences.

To stretch your more able children remove the ‘ar’ words from the word bank.


Syllable Sort

In this ‘ar’ worksheet the children are challenged to work on their sight vocabulary of ‘ar’ words as well as their understanding of syllables.

The children must sort the ‘ar’ words according to their syllables.