‘ch’ Sound

Sentence Unscramble

The children are challenged to rearrange the words to create a sentence. The sentences have simple ‘ch’ words within them.

Letter Unscamble

This worksheet allows your children to practise placing the different sounds in the correct order to make a ‘ch’ word.

'ch' Comprehension

This is a tougher comprehension that also focuses primarily on ‘ch’ words.

This is a great worksheet as the children are introduced to unfamiliar vocabulary and will be able to use and apply their knowledge beyond simple ‘ch’ words.

Once the children have completed the comprehension they can answer the multiple choice questions. If you wish to make the worksheet more difficult, remove the options under the questions.

Chester the Chimp Comprehension

This is a useful comprehension activity that focuses specifically on ‘ch’ words.

You can use this as a phoneme spotter activity as well as a comprehension.

This type of activity allows your children to use and apply their sounds knowledge to unfamiliar words to ‘have a go’.

Phoneme Spotter

This activity allows the children to develop their sound spotting skills and also help them read for meaning.

The children must find the ch words in the story and can answer the questions.

Consonant Clusters - sh, ch, and th

This one minute phonics activity works on the sh, ch and th sounds. The children must match the pictures to the consonant cluster. Some of the pictures have different consonant clusters to challenge your class and ensure they differentiate sounds.

The activity card in each cluster encourages the children to have a go at spelling a few of the sh, ch or th words, complete the sentences and finally, write their own sentence to consolidate the chosen sh word in the context of a sentence.

Word Search

Make learning a variety of ‘ch’ words fun with this great word search worksheet.

You can also make it more difficult by removing the ‘ch’ words to challenge some of your more able children.

Word Search

A more challenging word search for your class.

Circle the Correct Word

The children will look at the pictures and circle to matching word. This type of activity gives your LA children some help when identifying the ‘ch’ words they are learning in phonics.

Joining the Letters

In this worksheet the children must join the letter to make the ‘ch’ words.

'Ch' Game

In this learning game the children are focusing on ‘ch’ words.

The children must recognise the ‘ch’ sound and place it in the space to create a ‘ch’ word.

'Ch' Game

Another great learning game that allows your children to learn and spell new ‘ch’ words.

'Ch' Challenge

This game will challenge you children to decide which words have the ‘ch’ sound in them.

You can ask your children to write the ‘ch’ words on a whiteboard or you can challenge them further be asking them to write all the words down to develop their understanding of the sh, th, ch and wh sounds.

Spelling Practice

This is a fantastic resource as it allows your to create the words. This means you can differentiate between groups easily.

The children must practise spelling the ‘ch’ words of your choice. During the plenary you can ask the children to write as many ‘ch’ words as they can remember on a whiteboard as an assessment of their learning.