The ‘igh’ sound

'igh' Word Sentences

This is a printable resource that challenges your children to read carefully and add in the ‘igh’ words to complete the sentences.

They must also add in the capital letters and full stops to work on their punctuation skills.

There are two different levels of sentences to meet the needs of different ability groups.

Word Wheels

Allow your children to create different words using the word wheels.

You children will write a letter/s in each section of the two wheels and write the focus ‘igh’ sound in the middle of the rectangular box. Using  split pins, you must then connect the wheels to the rectangular frame.

Your children can now create ‘igh’ different words.

'igh' Word Sentences

A downloadable and editable version of the resource above.

Off on Holiday - More Challening

This is a useful phonics story that encourages your children to develop their reading for meaning skills. It also develops phonological awareness of the ‘igh’ sound in different words.

This comprehension tackles more challenging vocabulary and questions to challenge your class.

Off on Holiday - Simpler

This story is about a dad and boy who are going on holiday. This resource should be read out to your children who are just beginning to look at written comprehensions.

The children must find the answer in the story and write in the missing word to complete the sentences.

'igh' Comprehension

This worksheet is a comprehension linked to the ‘igh’ sound. The children are challenged to read the story, exploring new vocabulary and gaining an understanding of the events in the story. They are then challenged to answer the questions.

This worksheet is an editable version of the flashcards above to differentiate yourself.

Pictures and Words

This is a worksheet that allows the children to apply their knowledge of the ‘igh’ sound in order to spell words independently.

Phoneme Spotter

This worksheet is a phoneme spotter activity. The children must read the text and find as many ‘igh’ words as possible.

'igh' Words

This is a worksheet that allows your children to work on spelling different ‘igh’ words.

Allow them to have a practice and then see how many they can remember on a new piece of paper or whiteboard.

'igh' Games

Play a variety of games linked to ‘igh’ words to help consolidate the learning of this sound.

Allow your children to learn in a fun and meaningful way using these interactive games.

Word Recognition Game

This is a great game to develop ‘igh’ words recognition. The children will hear a word and they must click on the word that has been spoken.

Match up

In this game, the children will develop their word recognition and breaking down of sounds, whilst developing their ‘igh’ vocabulary. The idea is to match the words to the pictures. Some of the pictures will encourage your child to think outside the box. This activity addresses same word – different spelling concept, and even introduces the silent ‘k’.

What is Missing?

This is a fun game that can be used as an activity or a starter to ensure all the children are focused and concentrating.

All children love playing memory games and this one won’t disappoint. I call memory games ‘An Elephant Never Forgets’.

The children will try to remember all the pictures and spot the one that is missing. The winner at the end is the reigning champion until the next game. You can even give the winner a special name such as ‘Eli Elephant’.