Split Digraph – silent ‘e’

Split Digraph Spotter

This game focuses on the split digraph of the long ‘i’ sound. The children must read the story and find the ‘i-e’ words.

The story is easy to read so that your children can all achieve the outcomes.

A great activity to gather a bank of ‘i-e’ words.

Magic 'e' Song

Yet again, another fantastic sing-along-song that explores the function of the magic ‘e’. This song is great as it visually shows the difference that the magic ‘e’ makes to simple CVC words. The children will love singing along to this resource and will learn a great deal from it!

Silent 'e'

This great resource again explores the magic ‘e’. The enthusiastic rapper is enough to enthuse your children. A smart play on words and exploring how the magic ‘e’ changes words. Take a look!

Sneaky 'e' Song

Teaching the magic ‘e’ can often be a difficult element of phonics, and one that is easily forgotten. This fantastic song brings a catchy, yet simplistic way to remembering the rule. This video addresses the magic ‘e’ as the sneaky ‘e’, which works extremely well! The significance of the magic ‘e’ is that it makes the other vowel in the word say its name.