‘th’ sound

Theo the Thief

This is a short story (told in the 1st person narrator) about a thief called Theo. Theo steals whatever he can but does he take it too far this time?

Your class will read the story and begin to identify the different ‘th’ words in the story. Once they have read the story and understood the main points they should be given the task card to complete the sentences.

Challenge your HA children by giving them the activity card without the story and give your LA children to story to help them. You may also want to consider reading the story depending on the readers.

Consonant Clusters - sh, ch, and th

This one minute phonics activity works on the sh, ch and th sounds. The children must match the pictures to the consonant cluster. Some of the pictures have different consonant clusters to challenge your class and ensure they differentiate sounds.

The activity card in each cluster encourages the children to have a go at spelling a few of the sh, ch or th words, complete the sentences and finally, write their own sentence to consolidate the chosen sh word in the context of a sentence.

'th' sound in words

This video resource helps with the ‘th’ digraph known as a consonant cluster. It explains how the children can make the sound, and also shows some of the words that have the ‘th’ sound in them. This is a great resource that has pictures to accompany the words.

Note: In this video, it spells theatre as theater, but you can skip over this as the resource is great otherwise.


Snowboard down the mountain to the bottom and come up with some interesting ‘th’ words. This resource has a ‘cool’ feel to it and will enthuse the boys especially.

Activity: You can encourage the children on whiteboards to create some of their own words and draw a picture to accompany their word just like in the clip. This activity will get the creative caps on as well as reinforce the ‘th’ sound.