Happy Reader

Allow the children to reflect on their reading books, gain confidence and develop a deeper understanding with our Happy Reader activity sheet.

Online Stories

This resource provides you with a bank of online books linked to a variety of different topics. Each book will help develop independence, sight vocabulary word attack skills and reading for meaning. Books are split into sub categories to suit different areas of learning and topics. The books have a specified age group to help you decide which is best suited to your class. There are a variety of fiction and non fiction books.

Reading Instructions

In this reading activity, the children are encouraged to read for meaning. They must read the simple instructions to create a picture. This will also help their word attack skills and develop sight recognition of high frequency words.

Phonics Activity Cards and Games

Check out all of our phonics activity cards, interactive learning games and printable resources to inspire your phonics lessons.

Pacman - Consonant Clusters

This is a phonics game based on the format of the original arcade game Pacman.

The children are working on initial consonant clusters and must read the CCVC words to move around the board. This learning game also works on word recognition and improves sight vocabulary.

The children will get into pairs. The first child will start at the Pacman and will try to read all the words to reach the Teaching Cave logo. The second player will choose a ghost and follow player 1’s Pacman. Every 5 seconds, player 2 will move their ghost to the next word in an attempt to catch the Pacman.

Once the children have grasped the game, reduce the waiting time for the ghost.

Phonics Stories

Check out all of our phonics stories and activity cards to develop reading for meaning and comprehension skills in Foundation/ early KS1.

The children must use the story to complete the sentences on the activity cards.

The activity cards are also linked to phoneme spotting and capital letters and full stops to ensure your class are developing punctuation skills as well.

Sentence Creator and Unjumble

This activity allows you or the children to create sentences and then place them into the correct order so they make sense. This is a great game to encourage children to write a sentence and then check over what has been written for self-assessment purposes.

Story Maker

This story-making resource is a great way for children to plan a simple story before they begin to write their own. The children can choose the story genre, characters, setting, pets, favourite instrument and prizes. The software then prints a story for the children to read.

Roy the Zebra (9 Parts)

This is an illustrated story resource that can be read independently or as a whole class activity. It introduces a lively zebra called Roy who lives in a zoo. The story talks about the things Roy enjoys doing, but when all these things are banned, what does Roy do? (Read all)