Procedure – Instructions


In this reading activity, the children are encouraged to read for meaning. They must read the simple instructions to create a picture. This will also help their word attack skills and develop sight recognition of high frequency words.

Teaching Procedure - Instructions

On his first day as a postman, Larry has difficulty remembering the directions. He repeats the instructions and still can’t remember where to go.

His friend draws pictures to help him work out where to go. The wind blows the pictures out of his hand and he can’t remember what order they should be in.

He recognises the places when he comes to them, even without the pictures.


Encourage the children to create the journey (remembering the instructions ) in order from the beginning to the end.

How to Make a Jam Sandwich

This is a great lesson idea that allows your children to work on writing and ordering instructions. There are two sheets, one showing the correct sequence and the other is mixed up.

The children will quickly recognise that there is a need for carrying out procedures in order to make a jam sandwich.

You should bring in all the things needed and allow the children to make the jam sandwich before ordering the instructions.

Creating a Pizza

When teaching instructions, a very simple and interesting topic for early KS1 children, is letting them make their own pizza. The children get to be creative and choose many different toppings whilst creating simple instructions. The video clip is a great way to introduce the writing, and you can even let the children create the pizzas using real food or pictures (of the toppings etc). The children will then write the instructions on how to create a pizza. You could also give the children the written instructions to order. Download the Pizza instructions


This is a great lesson that allows your children to create a pizza to help them write instructions.

Giving children practical experiences is crucial and it proves very effective when it comes to helping them write instructions for making a pizza.

Simply give the children a plate to use as the base, red paint for the sauce, shredded yellow paper for the cheese, red circles for pepperoni, yellow beads for sweetcorn and other junk materials to let them use their imagination.

This activity coupled with the video clip above inspires the Foundation Stage children to create fantastic writing.


Brushing your Teeth

Foundation children need to understand that brushing your teeth is very important for hygiene. In this activity, the children will create simple instructions whilst learning features of instructions. To download the learning pack for this Click Here.

Key Points: Bossy verbs, Time words (first, next etc.), comma for lists, correct order and numbered instructions as alternative to time words.

Christmas Instructions

This comprehension activity involves your children reading the instructions and drawing the pictures accordingly.

This activity gives you a great insight to which children can read the words and process the information correctly, thus encouraging reading for meaning.

Instructions and Coding

Download our Coding Pack to allow your children to develop coding skills in a practical way using our coding blocks, activity example and resources.