Persuasive Writing

Sun Safety


This is a cross curricular strategy of teaching persuasive writing with sun safety.

The children could create a sun safety picture collage to present to the class.

For full lesson plan click here.

Save our Wood

Your children can create a piece of writing to persuade the local council not to build through a forest.

Give your class a brief overview and inform them that local builders are looking to build houses, which will result in the forest being cut down.

Ask your class to create an argument and think of the reasons why the forest should not be cut down and the impact this would have. You can also set up a debate, reasons for and against.

Note: The interactive resource is no longer available.

Selling a House

A great ways to encourage children to think about persuading people is by selling a house. The children can choose from a brochure or they could design a house themselves. The more involved a child is with this house the better the writing will be. Who better to sell a house that the designer?

Learn the important features of persuasive writing be clicking the image.

Writing Checklist

Check out the success criteria for selling a house. The acts as a guide about the key things the children must include in their persuasive text.

Persuasive Example

This is a piece of text based on a description of Hartley Hall. The text is filled with persuasive language that the children can analyse.

Giving the children examples is important for developing and consolidating their understanding. Giving childrenĀ a context provides the best opportunities for learning to occur.