Animal Alliteration

Introduce alliteration by looking at this fantastic range of animal alliteration verses with images.

Tongue Twisters

Have a bit of fun with words and allow your class to repeat a few tongue twisters.

Tongue twisters are a great way to introduce poetry by showing the initial sound pattern in words.

Acrostic Poem Creator

This is a great resource that allows your children to create an acrostic poem using a word of their choice.

Alliteration Sentences

Check out a range of alliteration sentences that have been separated by initial sounds.

This is a great resource as you can choose sentences to suit all ages and abilities.

Rhyming Rockets

A great activity to help introduce your children to rhyming words when looking at poems.

Catching Animals Poetry

This lesson uses the song ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive’ as a template for the poem. This lesson also develops understanding of the number sequence up to 10, allows the children to recognise the number words and learn about animals from around the world.

Click the image to play the song and discuss with the children the different animals that could replace the word ‘fish’.

Once the children have thought about different animals, they could write a poem of their own by using the template below.

Pirate Poem

A funny poem linked to Pirates topic. Great for introducing children to simple rhyming couplets.

Catching Animals Poetry

The children must fill in the missing spaces to complete the poem. You can instruct the children to write out the poem once they have filled in the missing spaces to work on letter size, formation and flicks.

Note: You can give your class the word bank to help with spelling.

Click the image to download the resource.

The Wind Poem

This is a bank of lovely poems linked to the weather. These poems encourage your class to think about the wind and what it can do when it blows.

You can break the poems down into sentences and ask your children to draw a picture of what they read to develop reading for meaning.

You could also ask the children to colour in the rhyming words and look for particular sounds.

You could also create a new poem using the same sentence starter on each line –  The wind can… and write it inside a kite template to use as a display.

Click the image to download the poems.

Raindrops Poem

This is a poem linked to raindrops. It introduces the ‘long i’ phoneme that includes ‘y’ at the end of ‘sky’ and ‘igh’ in the word ‘high’.

You could also use this poem as a phonics lesson to look at ing, oo, ou, ee, ai and double letters in words. I would write each of these sounds on a page and the children must find the words that include the sounds.

Click the image to download the poem.

I Like Poem

This is a very simple poem to do with your Foundation Stage children.

Read the poem out to the children and they will recognise that the pattern in this poem is the sentence starter – ‘I like’.

You children can create a poem just like this one and and their own twist by writing the things they like.

Phonics Poems

This is a fantastic resource that allows your children to develop knowledge and understanding of poems as well as work on different sounds in phonics.

The game looks at ee, ea, ai, ay, a-e, oa, oo, y, igh and i-e.

Ten Little Pirates

This is a great book that you can pick up online for very cheap. It serves as a great introduction to your poetry lesson or topic on pirates.

It is a very simple story that focuses on number sequence as well as rhyming words.