‘ea’ and ‘ee’

Pete the Sheep - 'ee' and 'ea'

Pete the Sheep spends his day in a field getting his feet muddy. Some of the other sheep are mean to Pete but one friendly sheep helps Pete clean his feet.

This phoneme spotter activity focuses on the long ‘e’ sound using ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ words.

The children must find all the long ‘e’ words and then complete the sentences using the word bank at the bottom of the activity card.

This is a great phonics resource to introduce your Foundation/Early KS1 children to ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ words.

'ee' and 'ea' Flashcards

This phonics resource helps your children to read and spell ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ words.

You can use these flashcards as a reading or spelling activity, or simply as a word recognition activity to recap a range of ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ words. You can also ask your children to tell you an interesting sentence using the words.

Blank flashcards have also been included to allow the children to add to the list and create their own pictures and words.

'ea' word Decoder

A fun way to learn new ‘ea’ words using a decoding strategy.

'ea' Words and Pictures

A way to learn new ‘ea’ words using images to help.