Online Stories

This link provides you with a bank of online books linked to a variety of different topics. Each book will help develop independence, sight vocabulary word attack skills and reading for meaning.

Books are split into sub categories to suit different areas of learning and topics. The books have a specified age group to help your decide which is best suited to your class. There are a variety of fiction and non fiction books.


This is a wonderful resource in which there are a bank of animated stories that are read to the child and signed out for children who have a hearing impairment.

Short Stories

Read a range of short stories or allow your class to listen to the stories and answer the questions and complete the activities to assess their understanding.

Stories Around the World

This image links you to a fantastic set of stories. You can choose from stories around the world linked to specific cultures and countries.

This is a great resource to have if you are looking for an introduction to your topic work on countries.

You can download a PDF file of the stories or simply read them online. The stories have pictures and some even have video animations.

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish was the most beautiful fish in the ocean…

Literacy ideas:

– Adjectives to describe the fish.

– Adverbs

– Narrative from point of view of fish.

– Hot-seating

– Write narrative about another rainbow animal (land or sea)

KS1 Stories

Choose from a list of stories for your KS1 class to read. You can download a PDF file of the stories or simply read them online. The stories have pictures and some have video animations.

Roy the Zebra (9 Parts)

This is an illustrated story resource that can be read independently or as a whole class activity.

It introduces a lively zebra called Roy who lives in a zoo. The story talks about the things Roy enjoys doing, but when all these things are banned, what does Roy do? (Read all)

Story Maker

This story-making resource is a great way for children to plan and create a simple story before they begin to write their own. The children can choose the story genre, characters, setting, pets, favourite instrument and prizes. The software then prints a story for the children to read.