Speaking and Listening


This resource allows your children to see the features of good and bad speeches. It highlights the good and bad features and gives explanations and tips on how to improve. This is a great resource as it allows your children to see presentations and decide for themselves what went well and what could be improved.

Speaking and Presenting Checklist

We all know that children should be given ownership of their learning. We give them checklists for writing and day to day activities, so why not give your children a checklist for Speaking and Presenting?

Download our Speaking and Presenting checklist to help your children develop their skills.

The Rule of Three

The research says that words, phrases and sentences sound more effective when it comes in threes. If you want to develop your talking and listening skills and encourage people to buy into what you are saying, add in a Rule of Three. Download our Rule of Three Activity and examples sheet.

Your children will look at a range of quotes and phrases and alternate their tone to reach their targeted audience.

Rule of Three - Activity Sheet

Challenge your children to research to find examples of the Rule of Three. The children should use the internet, books, and a range of other resources to find Rules of Three.

Download our activity sheet to see the different areas to look.

Rule of Three - Company Slogan Examples

In this resource we have highlighted 14 company slogans that have used the Rule of Three to advertising purposes.

Click the image to download.

Repetition and Breathless Sentences

Repetition and breathless sentences are used as tools to deliver impact in speeches and presentations. Repetitive language reiterates the main points and drills home the core message. It gives the spoken words importance, significance and power.

Check out our Activity and Examples pages to help your children develop this speaking and presenting tool.