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Key Points

These “Payment Terms” relate to your enrolment in a “Membership” with on behalf of Teaching Cave Ltd.

Please review our Membership Terms in their entirety, as they contain important information about your Membership, but here are some key points to know:
• Once you subscribe, your payments will renew automatically on a month to month, quarter to quarter, or year to year basis depending on your chosen account type. You will be billed each month/quarter/ year until you cancel your subscription with PayPal or by contacting directly. Outstanding payments can be collected if there has been no cancellation.
• In order to avoid being charged fees for the next billing cycle, you must cancel your membership at least three days before your next bill is due to come out.
• All fees for subscriptions to are non-refundable. You may cancel your membership at any time, but you will not receive a refund for any fees previously paid.
• Upon cancellation, you will have until the day before your next payment was due to be withdrawn to access the site.


We may offer different types of memberships and change prices for offers and deals at any time. Your monthly fee will not be affected by this unless thirty (30) days’ notice has been given. You will not be able to change the type of your membership once subscribed to If you later wish to change your membership type, you must cancel your current one and sign up again on the sign up page. Once you sign up for our website, you will automatically be redirected to a page to create a username and password. Should there be an issue with this process, which can happen from time to time, please contact us as soon as possible and we will create your account manually.


You will be billed automatically each month via your chosen account. Once you have signed up, it is your responsibility to cancel your payments if you no longer wish to be a member of To avoid being charged fees for the next billing cycle, you must cancel your membership one full day before your next bill is due to come out. You are only entitled to a refund should a double payment be taken from your account.

Cancelling Your Subscription Account

As described above, your subscription will automatically be billed on the date you originally signed up and depending on the account type, be withdrawn from your chosen PayPal account on that day each month/year until you cancel your membership with PayPal or by contacting directly. In order to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle, you must cancel your membership at least three days before your current billing cycle is due to end.

Changes to the Fees or to these Payment Terms may modify these Membership Terms or change the fees (or add additional fees) at any time. For users with an active membership at the time of a change, we will provide at least thirty (30) days’ advance notice of the upcoming change by sending an email to the address associated with your account.


We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. Cookies may be stored on your computer to aid page loading times and to improve access and experience with the website.

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