Data Handling

Birthdays Display

Create a birthday pictograph or bar chart to keep track of the birthdays in your class.


This activity allows your children to count different animals to create a graph. The numbers range from 1-4.

Each time your child enters the correct amount, they are presented with a new image.

Organising Data

This interactive game encourages your children to organise their data in a pictograph format so that it is easier organise and gather information.

The children must count the fruit on the graph and enter the correct number into the table.


This is a great learning game that gives children the opportunity to interpret data from a pictograph and answer questions.


Let your Foundation Stage children choose a category and create their own pictograms using this resource.

Venn Diagrams

This simple resource allows your children to create their own simple venn diagram.

You can encourage the children to sort in different ways independently or it can be completed as a whole class task to introduce the concept.

It also explores sorting in a step-by-step manner to help simplify the concept. Great resource!

Venn Digrams

This is a video resource that is a great introduction to Venn diagrams.

At the South Pole, two animated penguins are fishing through a hole in the ice. The first penguin only likes blue fish. The second penguin does not care what colour the fish are as long as they are triangular in shape. When they catch fish which are neither blue nor triangular the fish do not go into either of the nets. Sometimes the penguins catch fish which are both blue and triangular and thus come to an overlapping arrangement to make a Venn diagram. As a result blue and triangular fish can be in both nets at the same time. More fish are sorted by the penguins and this allows the concept to be reinforced further.

Bar Graph (Customisable)

Let the children create their own bar graphs using this customisable game.

The children can decide the: title, axis topic and numbers (on y axis). This is a great tool as it allows the children to think about what happens when the total is between two amounts.

Let the children do their own research on a topic of interest to them.

Favourite Colours

Your children can gather data and display it using a bar graph using the Geoboard app.

Click the image to see how it is done.

Data Collection

This is a link to a great data collection activity. You must count the which flavour the customers prefer, create a tally chart and then a bar graph to show the data. After the data has been organised, your children will then answer questions.

Robinson Crusoe Tally Chart

This is a fantastic lesson introduction when teaching your class about tally charts.

Robinson Crusoe is stranded on a desert island struggling to keep track of the passing days. That is until he comes up with a SUPER way of keeping track of the time. By grouping in fives, Robinson uses a tally chart to keep track of the passing days.


Practical Tally

Check out this amazing and practical way to teach your children about tally charts.


We are always looking for new ways to deliver old concepts and I feel this activity delivers just that!

Tally Charts

This game introduces your children to tally charts. They must count the different animals and match the amount to the tally.

The game also shows other ways to organise data.

Tally Charts

This is another great interactive game that encourages the children to gather information and show the results using a tally chart.

Once the children complete this activity, they could create a tally chart of their own and gather information from their classmates.

Tally Charts

This is a great learning game to allow your children to develop their skills at reading tally charts and gathering information.

Tree Diagram Template

This is a blank template of a tree diagram to adjust to suit your class and abilities.