Measuring in cm

This measuring game for Foundation and EYFS works on reading given measurements in cm.

This is a great activity to begin with as the children grasp the idea of where the ruler should begin when measuring for the most accurate reading.

Measuring length

This activity allows your children to measure different lines using a ruler up to 20cm.

The children enjoy this activity and it develops their fine motor skills and accuracy when measuring.

Comparing the Length

This activity works on comparing two everyday objects and choosing the shortest and longest depending on the statement.

Measuring Vocabulary

Your class will love this game. The voiceover asks the children questions such as, “Which clown in the shortest?” etc. and the children must click on the correct answer.

The game is great as it introduces the children to key terminology linked to measuring.


This learning games allows your children to estimate the size of an object when given a non-standard unit.