Days of the Week

Work on the sequence of the days of the week using this great resource.

Your Foundation Stage children must slide the days in to order to help the monster climb the ladder.

Days of the Week - Balloon Display

Download our days of the week balloon display for your classroom.

This will remind your children the days of the week sequence, and also act as a reference point when beginning to write the date independently.

Months of the Year

Work on the sequence of the months of the year using this great resource.

Your Foundation Stage children must slide the months in to order to help the monster climb the ladder.

Months of the Year

This is another learning game for the months of the year. Once the image is clicked, the month is spoken to help the children identify the month. They must then place the months in order.

Blank Clock

Allow your children to create different times using the hands provided or using dough.

Stone Clock

Allow your children to create a clock using sticks and stones.

Explain Everything and Time

This lesson works on analogue time. It looks complicated but it is a very simple activity.

To see the lesson plan click here.

Complete the Time

Allow your children to work on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times with this interactive game.

Bedtime Bandits

The game works on o’clock and half past times. The aim of the game is to match the digital time to the analogue time by shining a torch.

The clocks slowly fall to the ground acting as a timer.

Memory Match

In this activity, the children must match the o’clock and half past times.

O'clock and Half Past

A great activity to help your children learn the o’clock and half past times.

How to tell the time

This video helps your class to learn how to tell the time on a clock, and practice telling the time with an activity and quiz once they have grasped it.

Time Bingo

Check the children’s understanding of analogue clocks. You can create o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to or a mixture of all. You can also complete this game with digital times and the words.

How to play

Call out a time and the children can cover the clock faces using cubes. The first child to have all their clock faces covered wins.

I have, who has...

A fantastic and fun game that consolidates the understanding of analogue clocks and the associated words.

How to play

You give each child in the group 1 or more cards and they must listen carefully to what others are saying. One child starts by saying, “I have GO, who has quarter past 8?” The cards follow a sequence. The first child to flip all their cards wins. To make it fair the teacher can have the final STOP card.

Time Snap

Play a simple game of snap to assist with analogue time recognition and word recognition. You could also do this with digital time.

How to play

Taking turns, the children will choose one card from each side. They will attempt to find the matching pairs. Once a pair has been found the child will keep the pair. The child with the most pairs wins.

Create a Clock

Get your class to create their own clock face to assist with their understanding of time.

You can split the clock into four sections. It works fantastically and can introduce the idea of seasons.

Analogue Clock

A fantastic resource that skips minutes, quarter hours, half hours and hours. It also shows the seconds hand and digital time.

This is a super, easy to use resource to consolidate the correlation between digital and analogue time!

Set the Clock

This is a fun and interactive learning resources for practising time.

The children will listen to the time and set the clock accordingly. This game goes up to half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. You can also choose to mix a few times to differentiate the lesson.

NOTE: This activity requires the hour and minute hand to be set correctly.


If you’re looking to develop the children’s knowledge of digital and analogue correlation then this is the game for you.

This resource shows variety of times that the children can create.

This resource is a fantastic way to work on simple analogue digital matching and time problems – well worth a look!

Time Worksheet Creator

Follow the link to create your own time worksheets.

You can create o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and even five minute interval worksheets. This is a fantastic resource that is extremely customisable – you can even create your own titles. If you’re teaching time this resource is a must to consolidate the learning.