Intro to Area and Perimeter

This is a great resource that is useful as an introduction to area and perimeter.

You are able to show the children the basic principles whilst completing examples as you go along.

The Zoo

This activity gives area and perimeter a context.

Your children must create enclosures for animals using the grid provided.

This is a fantastic resource!

Number Line

The children must determine the number the arrow is pointing at by using the increments.

This is also a good resource to use as an introduction to measuring when using a ruler.

Measuring Length

Find out the length of each object and write the correct unit of measurement.


Calculate the perimeter and shoot the correct shape.

Area and Perimeter

This is a fun way to find out the area and perimeter of normal and compound shapes.

The children will roll a die and that will be the L (length) and then roll again and that will the the B (Breadth).

The children must then calculate the area and perimeter of the shapes created.

Area and Perimeter

This is a wonderful resource that explores the area and perimeter of a house.

The character walks around the different rooms in the house and measures.

This is great as it allows your children time to work out as your class progress through the activity.

Area and Perimeter

This is a flexible resource that allows you or your children to create regular and irregular shapes.


Area and Perimeter

We all want to make area and perimeter as exciting as possible – it seems to lend itself to really exciting activities and lessons.

Using the Geoboard app, your class can get involved and complete different area and perimeter activities with very little input from the teacher.

The app allows straight forward shapes or more complex.

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Testing Understanding of Area and Perimeter

In this activity, your children will record their understanding by completing different levels of the game.

They are challenged to create the area/perimeter by adding squares to the grid.

Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter game.

The children are challenged to draw and then find out the area and perimeter of shapes.

Area and Perimeter Activity

Another great resource that allows you children to complete area, perimeter or both.

The shapes changes every time the pages is refreshed.