Times Tables

Factors and Multiples

The aim of the game is to try and make the longest chain possible by connecting factors and multiples.

Tables Targets

Shoot the answer to complete the sums within the given amount of time.

You can choose the tables to work on before starting.

Sink the Sub

Write 8 multiplication facts as quick as you can to sink the sub.

Speed Shooting

You must complete as many sums as possible before the numbers fall down.

7 and 8 Times Tables

This links to a range of 7 and 8 times tables activities suitable for helping children develop a quick recall of number facts!

Times Tables Flashcards

This resource is perfect for introducing the times tables or as a revision tool.

The children can create a handheld times tables booklet to recap and learn their tables to develop a quick recall.

Times Tables - I Have Who has?

Click the image to access other times tables options.

This is a printable game that works on developing a quick recall of the 3 times tables.

The cards are shared between all the children in the group. One child starts and will call out their answer and a sum. The game ends when all children have read all their answers and sums.

Encourage the children to turn over their cards after they have been read out.

Times Tables - Dominoes

Click the image to access our learning games linked to the times tables.

This resource gives your children the opportunity to develop knowledge and a quick recall of the times tables facts.

The children must match the sums to the answers by calculating carefully.

Pacman - Mixed Times Tables

This is an editable version of the Pacman game.

You can edit the game to suit the different ability groups in your class.

Pacman - Times 3 and 4

This game is based on the Pacman arcade game and works to develop a quick recall of the 3 and 4 times tables.

The children will get into pairs. The first child will start at the Pacman and will try to answer all the times tables to reach the Teaching Cave logo. The second player will choose a ghost and follow player 1’s Pacman. Every 5 seconds, player 2 will move their ghost to the next word in an attempt to catch the Pacman.

Once the children have grasped the game, reduce the waiting time for the ghost.

Multiplication Facts

This game allows your children to put their times tables knowledge to the test.

Your class must select the correct answer to the multiplication question to give their spaceship a boost.

Overall, this is an enjoyable game to help with a quick recall of times tables.

Skip Counting

This game works on skip counting to develop times tables recall.

The children must fill in the missing numbers in the sequence by popping the bubbles.

Mixed Multiplying

This games helps your children develop a quick recall of all their times tables.

The children must recall number facts as quick as they can to out jump other players.

Times Tables

Your class can work on their times tables facts by playing this fast-paced game.

This game encourages quick recall of multiplication facts.

First the children must select which of the times tables they wish to work on.

Next the children must crash the police car through the multiples.

Multiple Reunion

Complete the sum and place the person at the correct table.

A great resource to reinforce times tables facts.

Balloon Pop

Choose a multiple you would like to work on and the children can search through the balloons for the multiples.

This is a timed game so the children must think quickly.

Times Tables Grid

In this activity, children can practise all their times tables or specific tables.

The children are given a sum and they must write the correct answer using the grid to help.

Times Tables Game

Maths games can be a fun way to learn the times tables. These times tables games have been selected to provide practice for children who are beginning to understand the concepts of multiplying numbers. They provide the repetition necessary for children to consolidate their knowledge of times tables and they include games involving factors and multiples.

This game is tablet friendly and encourages quick fire recollection against the clock.

World Cup Multiplication

Let your children complete multiplication sums in a fun way.

Select the correct answer to block your opponent’s shots and score goals.

Monster Maths

Complete the multiplication facts correctly to collect all the math monsters.

A great resource to help children will recollection of times tables facts.

Multiplication (x1-x12)

Your children will love this game.

The aim is to answer as many multiplication questions correctly to give your car a boost.

A super activity to develop fast recollection of multiplication facts.