Problem Solving

Connect 4 Factors

Playing solo: The player must fill the grid with the counters from both boxes. They must avoid lining up four numbers with a common factor (other than one).

Playing duo: Each player has a box of counters to choose from. Take it in turns to drop a counter into the game board. The winner is the first to line up four numbers with a common factor (other than one).


There are nine squares shown. The squares have side lengths of  14789101415 and 18 cm. They can be fitted together with no gaps and no overlaps to form a rectangle. How?

Factors and Multiples

The aim of the game is to try and make the longest chain possible by connecting factors and multiples.

Thinking Skills

In this activity your children will be working on capacity. They must create a given amount in one of the containers in the least amount of moves. Sounds simple eh?

The game has different levels to complete and will really get your children thinking.

Super for outside the box thinking.

Puppies Puzzle

The puppies need to go to sleep. There needs to be an even amount of puppies in each basket to make this happen. How many ways can they be sorted?

Broken Calculator

This is a great activity that encourage the children to use limited numbers and functions to make totals.

The children can progress through the levels to challenge themselves even further.

Pets Puzzle

Can you solve the Pet shop Puzzle? Mr Jones sells two kinds of animals and there are 44 animal legs in the shop. Over half of the pets are puppies. How many puppies and budgies are there in the pet shop?

River Puzzle

How can you safely bring the goat, wolf and cabbage  across the river?

In Circles

The sum of each side of the triangle should equal the number in the centre of the triangular shape.


The first player to make a square on the grid wins. Encourage your children to think about developing winning strategies and movement patterns.