Shape and Space

Sphero and Shapes


In this lesson your children will look at creating accurate 2D shapes by coding the sphero. For this activity you will need to download the Lightning Lab app.

Other Teaching Ideas:

1. Creating and measuring angles.

2. Instructions.

3. Problem solving and debugging.

For full lesson plan click here.

Nets and Minecraft


In this lesson your children will be consolidating or highlighting their understanding of cube nets. The children will be using the Minecraft PE app to complete this activity.

Other Teaching Ideas:

1. Measuring volume

2. Following written instructions to create an object

3. Create square numbers

For full lesson plan click here.


In this activity your children are working on coordinates.

They must read the coordinates and park the car accurately.

Compass and Directions

Your children must direct the character using multi-step instructions.


Can you organise the separate shapes to create the pattern shown?

2D Flashcards

This is a flashcards resource linked to 2D shapes.

Your children can work on their recognition of the shapes and words.

Click the image to download the PDF.

Nets and Minecraft

Allow your children to create different cube nets using the app Minecraft.

Nets of 3D shapes

Use the app Geoboard to create nets of different 3D shapes.

2D Shapes and Geoboard

Create a variety of 2D shapes using the Geoboard app. You have also got the option to write the features of the shapes using the pen function.

Polygons and Quadrilaterals

A great sorting activity which reinforces the understanding on polygons and quadrilaterals.

Sun Shapes

Explore 3D shapes using this activity and talk about the features of each.

Your children must identify the shapes before they melt the ice cream.

Shape Reveal

The shapes are revealed little by little allowing time for discussions and predictions to take place. You can select one of the four areas to focus on.

Shapes and Words

A variety of shape related games for Foundation/ Early KS1 to help children identify shapes and also allow them to develop sight vocabulary of the names of shapes.

2D Shapes (regular and irregular)

A great resource to highlight the difference between regular and irregular 2D shapes.

Guess the Shape

You are given a clue to determine the shape. The children can choose from 3 levels of difficulty.

Features of Triangles

This resource allows your KS2 class to learn the features of the various types of triangles.

It covers right triangle, isosceles, scalene, acute, obtuse and equilateral.

At the end your class can have a go at identifying a few triangles.

Identifying Triangles

Can your class identify the isosceles, right angle and scalene triangles and sort them?

Angles Explained

All the angles are explored and placed in context in this resource. Great resource, especially for the boys.

Types of Angles

Learn the different types of angles and place them in order from smallest to largest.

This activity also explores right angles, half turns, full turns and obtuse, acute and reflex angles.

Explain Everything and Angles

This activity develops the children’s understanding of angles in a fun way. You can choose whether you want to measure different angles or focus on the names of the angles.

To access the lesson plan click here.

Sorting by Angles

Sort the shapes into the correct area by focusing on the angles in the shape.

Squirt the Dog - Angles

Squirt the dog by selecting the correct angle.

Angles in Triangles

In this activity, the children must calculate the given angles to determine the missing angle.

Rotational Symmetry

A fantastic rotational symmetry activity.