Keeping Healthy

Healthy Lifestyle Resources

This is a brilliant document that explores healthy lifestyles with your class by exploring eating habits and types of foods, exercise and more.

Healthy Eating Questionaire

This is a great questionnaire to encourage your children to reflect on the choices they make throughout the day. It also explores some of the long-term risks of bad lifestyle choices.

Your class could then create their own questionnaire.

Keeping Fit - Key Terms

It is very important to learn the key vocabulary associated with topics and subjects. Too often the children can explain what is happening to their body without mentioning any key terms.

This interactive game introduces the children to new vocabulary as well as telling them the definitions.

Your class must match the terms to their definitions to complete the activity.

Food Sorting

Your children must decide which foods are healthy and those that are unhealthy. Once they have decided which foods are healthy and unhealthy, they need to move the gate to get the food on the correct side.

Types of Exercise

Learn all about the different types of exercise, why they are important and the effects they have on the body.

The Muscles - Interactive

Learn all about the different types of muscles, how they work in pairs and key terms to improve understanding.

Healthy Eating

A super, visual resource the explores the variety of foods we need in our diet. Not only do it show the foods in each category but it also goes on to explain why we need such foods in our diet. You could choose a category and on whiteboards the children could draw you a few more food they think would be in that category. You could also link this to numeracy and allow you children to create their own bar or tally charts.

The Heart and Pulse

This resource explores key terms and vocabulary linked to the heart and highlights how your children can take and track their pulse.

How The Heart Works

A video introduction to the human heart, its location within the human body and its function as a pump. The heart sits within the chest cavity between the lungs and is about the size of a fist. Essentially it is a muscle which functions as a really powerful pump. The heart takes in blood low in oxygen from the body. It pumps it through the right side of the heart and on to the lungs. In the lungs the blood passes through very small blood vessels and absorbs oxygen.

How our body works

Children learning about how their bodies work is such an important aspect of learning. In this resource, the children can click on a body part and learn more about its function and importance. There are a few quizzes and videos to further illustrate the concepts that are being taught. Fantastic resource!