Dodgeball Lesson


This lesson allows your children to develop agility and throwing skills by playing a variety of games.

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Warm Up Games

This fantastic resource is made up of 15 warm up games to play with your Foundation, KS1 or KS2 class during PE.

This is very useful as not only will it give you great ideas for games, but it will also give you very clear instructions of how to set up and complete the games.

A must have resource for PE enthusiasts.

Dodgeball Variations

If you are looking for variations of dodgeball that develops different skills and keeps all children involved, then download our booklet which introduces you to 10 variations of the classic game.

Playing Dodgeball KS1 & KS2

Dodgeball is a fantastic team game that requires throwing skills, speed, agility, accuracy and dodging skills.

You will need softballs (amount depends on numbers) and an area (preferably wall to wall). Divide all your class into teams of four or five depending on the amount in your class and the size of your hall.

Place a line up the centre of the hall and inform each team that they must stay in their area. The children must try to eliminate each player of the other team by hitting them with the ball below the knees. Inform the children to only lift one ball at a time.

Protect the President

Your class will stand in a large circle or two large circles (depending on numbers) to play the Protect the President variation of this classic game.

This game will encourage your children to both think offensive and defensive. This will help them when they come to play the original variation of the game.

Click the resource to see how you can play this game and many other variations.

Doctor Dodgeball

Keeping to the original format, divide your class into two teams with each team going to opposite sides of the area. Before the game starts, each team will choose a doctor which they keep secret. Play the game as normal dodgeball with teams throwing one or more soft balls at the legs of the opposing team. Eliminate the other team by getting all its players out. When someone is hit below the knee, they must sit. The secret Doctor can touch the injured and bring them back into play. Once the Doctor is hit, the team’s only hope is their skill.

Hint: Players shouldn’t jump up as soon as they have been touched as this will give away the doctor.

Protect the Pin

The children will be split into two teams. Each team will have four pins/balls on cones at the back of their side.

The aim is to knock down the other team’s cones whilst protecting your own cones.

Dungeon Dodgeball

Dungeon dodgeball is similar to the original dodgeball game, except when a player is hit, they are not out.

This variation is great as all children stay engaged in the game and must concentrate to re-join their team in a quest to defeat the opposing team.

Click on the resource to see how you set up Dungeon Dodgeball.



Teaching Points

You can allow the children to practise the skills (jumping, dodging and moving in different directions etc) required leading up the the game.

1. Use a variety of throwing techniques – underarm, javelin throw and sidearm throw.

2. Always stay on the balls of your feet to help you move quicker.

3. Use different way to dodge – jump, gallop and jockey.

4. Always move – moving targets are harder to hit.

5. Don’t get the balls that are close to the middle of the area.

6. Trick your opponents by ‘dummy’ throws.

7. Practise moving in all directions – forwards, backwards and side to side.

8. Work as a team with a friend and ‘Gang up’ to eliminate players.

9. Use your eyes to look for unsuspecting players and always be aware of potential attacking players.

10. Don’t always rush to get a ball as your main aim is to stay in the game.