Hockey Games

This is a brilliant resource that has lessons to follow as well as some super tips and games to help your children develop the correct techniques.

15 Hockey Session Plans

If hockey is a sport you teach as part of the curriculum or as an after school club, then download this document which walks you through 15 hockey sessions.

Hockey Games

This resource provides you with a wide range of hockey activities for your PE lessons. Games are a fun way to get your children enthused from the beginning so ensure games are followed by the learning of a new skill. This allows children to apply their skills.

Basic Skills

Check out this video clip to show you some of the basics of hockey.


Learn how to complete a successful flick.


Learn how to ‘hit’ the ball. The hit is the most powerful shot in hockey.

Reverse stick shot/sweep

Help your KS1 and KS2 children learn how to pass the hockey ball effectively to their teammates.

Receiving the Ball - Trapping

Learning the skills correctly is important for any sports. In this video clip the children will be shown how to receive the ball.

Indian Dribble

Go on the offensive by completing the Indian dribble. Learn the best technique by watching this video clip.

Pass and Shoot

Player 1 runs down the wing to then pass the ball backwards of square to player. He in turn gives the ball to player 3, who has run into the circle and then come out to receive the ball. Player 3 then plays a 1v1 with the defender.


4 Players with one ball can only be outside the square of cones. A player is chosen to play inside the area. The players on the outside have to pass the ball through the square. The player in the middle tries to intercept the ball.


Play keep ball. Teams need to keep possession for as long as possible or up to a set number of passes (first to 10 passes etc.) Try and take the predictability out of the game by disguising where the ball is going and using sudden changes of pace and direction.

10 easy steps

This resource will help you and your children learn hockey skills the correct way. A great resource with pictures for your visual learners.

Challenge Cards

Check out a few challenge cards, complete with teaching points for your class.