Using cotton buds, your class can create their own artwork linked to your class topic.

Underwater Quilling

This is a fantastic art technique known as quilling. Thin strips of paper are turned into something very beautiful. Click the image to see the video tutorial.


Another great piece of sea animals artwork for Foundation Stage children.


See how to create a school of fish using an everyday object to work from.

Owl Toilet Rolls

An effective and simplistic piece of artwork using toilet rolls. Click the image to find out more…


Another fantastic piece of artwork using a toilet roll. Perfect for a topic linked to animals or the sea. Click to learn more…


This is a very customisable piece of artwork suitable for any age group. Artwork is all about individuality and this activity enables children to express themselves by designing a car.

Paul Klee - Shapes

Paul Klee, a Swiss-born painter who greatly admired the art of children, who seemed to create free of models of artwork.

In his own work he often strove to achieve a  simplistic piece of work, often by using intense colours, line drawing and using shapes.

To find out more about what type of an artist Paul Klee was, click the image.

Shapes in Art

A very simple yet effective technique. To learn how click the image. So simple that even the youngest of children could do it!


A great piece of artwork for autumn term. Encourage your children to have a go at drawing the outline of the hedgehog first and inform them that the leaves will cover most of the outline.

Cave Prints

Create cave finger handprints using chalks and the smudging technique. Click the image to learn more.


A lovely piece of artwork using junk materials. Allow your children to create ladybirds using this effective technique.

Snail Art

The artwork allows your children to experiment with different materials and shapes them in a variety of ways.


Could making a parrot really be that simple?


One look at this junk art and the word IMPRESSIVE springs to mind. Show your children the image and allow them to work it the design themselves.

Getting to know me

A great idea for a lesson linked to ‘Ourselves’ or ‘Getting to know me’. The children have the freedom to draw whatever they feel is important to them in their silhouette. This is also a good way for the children to get to know each other – likes, hobbies and other details. Place all the artwork on display and let the children learn about each other like they were walking around a gallery.

Thinking Art

A variation to the above image and another great idea for a lesson linked to ‘Ourselves’, ‘Getting to know me’ and ‘Feelings’. The children have the freedom to draw whatever they feel is important to them in their silhouette. The children could also draw different thing that makes them happy, sad etc. linked to ‘Feelings’ in PDMU.

Peg Artwork

This artwork is a very simple and visually effective. The children can create their own mini animal or object, cut it in half and stick it to a peg. Very simple and you won’t need many resources.

Whale Art

If your children are learning about marine animals or whales, then this is a resource for you. Created using a paper plate and template of card. Allow the children to create their own templates as the design will challenge them. You could also challenge your more able by allow them to try a killer whale design.


This piece of artwork was created during a ‘Houses and Homes’ topic. This piece allows the children to experiment with different lines by using chalks. It also encourages the children to blend and ‘mix’ to create different effects.

Colour Mixing with Balloons

A great activity for your children to explore the effects colour mixing can create.

Hot Air Balloons

A very simple yet very effective piece of artwork that can be simplified for Reception/Foundation. The children can design their own hot air balloons focusing on a repeating pattern. The teacher can make smaller and larger balloons to create the effect of distance in the display.

Fun Bookmarks

Allow your children to create funky bookmarks based on any area of interest using a square-card template.

Leaf Bugs

A fun autumn activity which allows your children to make use of the leaves falling down from the trees. Great for an autumn or mini beasts display.

Colour Mixing

Giving your children the freedom to experiment with colour mixing is important for their understanding. Too often we give the children the colours from the bottles and don’t give them time to learn the basics of colour mixing. This will enhance their skills and ability to use more appropriate colours in artwork.


A fun activity that is very simple to create. The children simply use their fingers to create the ‘train’. You can even go into more detail and create the ‘eyes’ on the end of the feathers.


I love this piece of artwork. The children create streams of rain using different colours. This artwork also highlights how the rain interacts with the object (umbrella) in its pathway. The children can draw themselves and add in others objects too.

Summer Holidays

A great way for children to express what they did during the summer holidays.