The Potter Puppet Pals

The main focus of this lesson is relating to simple pattern of continuous sounds. This is known as an ostinato. The children will begin the lesson by creating simple clapping patterns accompanied by the name of football teams, famous musicians or anything else considered ‘cool’. The syllables are important and can be used to create their ostinato. You can discuss a variety of ways to modify their ostinato by changing the tempo, pitch and rests. once the children have got the hang of it then show this video. Check out the worksheet that accompanies this lesson for more information.

Viking Saga

Viking Saga Songs is an opportunity for children to join in with songs, stories and music-making inspired by the gods and goddesses of Viking mythology. The songs explore different rhythms, pitch, styles, instruments, tempo and word rhythms. The songs are taught in steeps using a video resource. The Loki the Joker song is one the children really enjoy. Download the Teacher Handbook and click the link to get started.