Living Things - Animals

At we have a wide range of topic resources. by clicking the image you wile be directed to our dedicated page linked to animals.

On the page you will find video clips, games, lesson resources, printable activities, fact sheets, art resources and more.

This page also looks at seasonal changes and how the local environment changes throughout the year.

Leaf Identification

Allow your children to identify features of different leaves skills using this resource card.

Local Environment

This is a fantastic resource that allows your class to explore the interactive environment to find banks, schools, swimming pools, houses, shops, offices, farms, factories and much more. Each building has a short description that the children can read or listen to depending on your choice.

The children can also explore different house types and choose different buildings to suit the environment. They will also learn navigational skills such as up, down, left and right.

Overall, a must have resource for houses and homes geographical work.


This resource will direct you to our page linked to weather.

From here you will be able to access resources suitable for your lessons on weather. You can learn how to make different weather instruments, download out weather calendar and symbols to use in a role-play area, play learning games and more.

Houses and Homes

On this page your class can learn about the different types of houses, houses from around the world and materials used in building houses.

You will also be directed to lesson and activity ideas for your Foundation class.

Landmarks Around the World

This page has been created to highlight the different landmarks from around the world. Each landmark has a short description to inform your class.

You children can discuss similarities and different in terms of materials used and think about their purpose.

Road Safety

It is crucial for children to learn road safety at school and be able to recognise the different safety measures around the local environment.

The page teaches your class key safety messages such as Be Bright Be Seen, and allows them to play interactive games and watch video clips to develop their knowledge.