Road Safety

Road Safety 2017/18

This is a fantastic road safety resource to have in your classroom.

Each week there is a new picture and an activity for your class. The children can look at the pictures and think to themselves, “What is the road safety message?”

This calendar covers all the information such as crossings, journeys, seat belts, school safety, vehicles, animal safety, country and city roads, weather, cyclone, people who help us stay safe, playing safe , schools visits and more.

Road Safety

This is a great bank of interactive resources to use when looking at road safety.

Children can work independently through different tasks and complete short puzzles and games to reinforce their learning of road safety messages.

Stop, Look and Listen

Stop, Look and Listen is the most well known phrase in road safety.

This is a great resource to introduce younger children to the saying.

It starts with a short audio clip followed by a very simple sorting activity for your children to complete.


Choosing the correct clothing is crucial for your safety. This resource introduces the idea of clothing by briefly discussing camouflage (which you could show examples of with animals) and then goes on to explain how our clothing helps keep us safe.

Be Bright, Be Seen

This is a super activity to consolidate the understanding that choosing the correct clothing for day and night is important. The children must decide if the person is wearing clothing that will keep them safe. Great road safety resource for Foundation Stage children.

Stay Safe

This resource booklet explores many ways of keeping safe in different situations and environments. It also progresses to look at road signs, signals, cycling, walking, crossings and more…

Safety Stories

These video clips explore the important of keeping safe. A great resource to help children understand the importance of keeping safe and the after effects of accidents. a great resource for your children to watch and learn.

Road Safety Ideas

This is a link to a variety of creative road safety activities that you can complete and create with your class.

Look and Find

This activity encourages children to think of the different types of transport on the road. You can discuss the features of different types of transport by a comparing and contrasting activity.

The children must count the different types of transport.

Worksheets and Printables

This is a road safety resource book filled with a variety of road safety activities.

Each activity has pictures to accompany the safety message for the younger children.