People Who Help Us

People Who Help Us


This lesson allows your children to capture different images of People Who Help Us. The children can find images from the internet or take their own from books and other resources.

Other Teaching Ideas:

1: Children can create a pic collage of their classmates.

2. The children can create a shapes collage.

3. The children can create a collage of their learning during Play or Activity Based Learning.

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Artwork and Display Ideas

Check out our People Who Help Us artwork and displays page by clicking here or the image.

Mountain Rescue

Find out what happens when Tess climbs up the mountain without the correct equipment.

This video clip highlights the importance of mountain rescue teams and the job they do day to day to help people who have been injured or lost in the mountains.

Before watching the video clip, you can also discuss with your class and make a list of the equipment they think that they would need for climbing up a mountain.

Rescue at Sea

This radio clip teaches your children about the people who help us at sea. This activity doubles up as a listening activity as well as topical and follows the RNLI.

The children will learn about the crew and what happens when a lifeboat is needed. It introduces your class to the process of rescuing someone at sea and explain why people may need rescued. It also explains some of the key equipment that is needed by the rescue crew and much more.

After the facts, there is a children’s story about Grace Darling.

This is a fantastic learning resource!


Cliff Rescue - Light and Dark

The video clip highlights a night rescue of a couple stuck on a cliff.

The children will quickly see the dangers for both the rescue team and the couple, and they will recognise the different equipment that is needed to carry out the rescue.

This video clip is a great way to introduce your children to light and dark. They can think about light sources and they can gather equipment to reenact the rescue.

People Who Help Us

This activity allows children to work on the spelling of some key workers who help us.

This is a great learning activity, as it not only develops children’s understanding of words, but it develops their fine motor skills and letter formation.

Printables and Resource

This is a group of resources linked to people who help us. There are a variety of printables and lesson ideas to choose from.

Lifeguards and Coastguard

Barnaby Bear is at Poole beach. He talks to a lifeguard about the dangers of the sea and learns that red and yellow flags indicate whether it is safe to swim. Barnaby is invited to play with some children in an inflatable boat but he feels like relaxing so he has a sleep instead. When he wakes up, the children are drifting out to sea in their dinghy. Barnaby dials 999 and informs the coastguard. A lifeboat is launched from Poole lifeboat station and the children are rescued. Barnaby decides that boating can be dangerous as well as fun.

Lifeguards and Coastguard Activities

Check out a range of activities, lesson plans, video clips and quizzes to teach your children all about beach safety, water safety, lifeguard flags, dangers and much more. Click the image to access the resources.

RNLI Rescue Clips

Check out a variety of rescue video clips carried out by the RNLI.

You class will gain an insight to the dangerous, but crucial role these crew members play when saving people at sea.

You can also watch video clips of animals being rescued.

A Firefighter

A firefighter is an important person who helps us. Many people think they just put out fires, but they have other jobs to do as well.

Firefighters are called out for accidents, emergencies and fires.

There are four main jobs of a firefighter

1. Putting out fires

2. Rescuing and caring for the sick and injured

3. Working to prevent future fires

4. Learning about how fires have started

Above all else, a firefighter must stay very calm in dangerous situations.

Fire Hazards at Home

This is a great learning resources linked to the causes of fires. Your children are encourage to observe the pictures and decide which are potential fire hazards. The will give children an insight to the real life potential threats.

Dress Up

This is a great learning activity that allows your children to dress the firefighter and nurse in the correct clothing.

You can discuss with the children why particular clothing is more suited to a particular job.

Encourage the children to discuss the use of the reflective clothing for the firefighter and ask them if they can think of any other ‘reflective’ objects.

Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and nurses work in a hospital. They are there to help us when we get sick or are feeling unwell.

In hospitals, doctors and nurses have many different jobs. Sometimes people need medicine to make them feel better, or sometimes they need an operation.

A doctor will look at your symptoms (are you too warm/cold, sweating, vomiting etc.) and decide how they can help to make you feel better.


A paramedic is often one of the first people on the scene of a accident or emergency. The often work as a team of two or three inside an ambulance.

A paramedic is trained to help you at the scene of the accident and then drive you to hospital.

Paramedics work day and night and are at local hospitals until they are needed to an emergency.

Once the paramedic brings an injured patient to the hospital, they will explain to the doctors and nurses what is wrong.


An optometrist is a person who helps look after your eyes.

They test your eyesight every few years to make sure you can see clearly. They use a chart with letters to test your eyes.

If you are not seeing things clearly, the optometrist will give you glasses to wear. This will give you perfect vision.

They also look after the health of your eye. If your eyes are too dry, they will give you an special medicine for your eyes.

A Dentist

A dentist is someone who helps look after our teeth.

Our teeth and gums are very important to us. We use them for chewing and breaking up food so we can digest it.

As our teeth are so important to us we must take good care of them. Below are a few ways we can look after our teeth and gums.

– Brush our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes.

– Brush after eating food and before bed.

– Don’t eat too many sugary foods.

– Visit our dentist twice a year.

– Replace our toothbrush every three months.

Try to create the teeth artwork shown by using small mallows.