People Who Help Us – Art and Displays

Firemen at Work

This is a wonderful art idea for foundation stage children. There’s no denying that children love getting messy. This artwork allows this whilst delivering a very effective piece of artwork.

Firefighter Art

A simple, yet very effective piece of artwork made using a variety of materials.

Always encourage your children to use as many different materials as they can to create different textures and effects. This develops their understanding of materials and properties.

Allow your children to create the scene of a fire using different shapes and materials.

Outdoor Art

Allow your children to find a space in the playground or around the school grounds to create artwork using chalks.

Fire Engine

A brilliant fire engine made using one box and other materials.

Crossing Display

Check out this fantastic crossing wall display!

Crossing STOP Sign

We all loved out lollipop man or lady didn’t we? Did you know that on the back on the sign there is a blackboard for the crossing guard to take registrations or dangerous drivers?

A great art activity for the crossing guard or lollipop man or lady.

People Who Help Us Scene

Why not split your children into groups and allow them to create a scene each like this picture?

This display highlights many people who help us and would look great in your classroom.


Check out the secret household item behind this very simple, yet very effective piece of artwork.

This is a great addition to your work if you are learning about doctors and hospitals.

Police Cars

Create simple police cars…

Catch the Robbers

Allow your children to use their imagination and create a story and scene highlighting how the police help us.

Police Display

This police display has to be the cutest I have ever seen! The children will love creating the friendly faces of the police force.

'Postman' or 'Mail Carrier'

This is a great art activity that allows your children to create a mail carrier.

Allow your class to write a simple letter inside to a friend and then they can deliver it!