Road Safety

Road Safety Broadcasts


In this lesson your children will be creating road safety broadcasts to teach the younger children in your school using iMovie.

For full lesson plan click here.

Road Safety Calendar

This is a great resource that allows your class to look at the images and decide what the road safety message is.

Each week the children have a new road safety message or activity.

Safety Stories

These video clips explore the important of keeping safe. A great resource to help children understand the importance of keeping safe and the after effects of accidents. There is also an option for your children to read the script as a comprehension style activity.

Road Safety

This is a great bank of interactive resources to use when looking at road safety. Children can work independently through different tasks and complete short puzzles and games to reinforce their learning.

This resource explores stop, look and listen, green cross code, clothing, traffic lights, car safety, bus safety, cycling, highway code and crossings.

Stay Safe

This resource booklet explores many ways of keeping safe in different situations and environments. It also progresses to look at road signs, signals, cycling, walking, crossings and more…

Your children can use the resources trying to determine what the main messages of safety are on each page. Each page is colourful, engaging and informative.

Activity Ideas

This is a link to a variety of creative road safety activities that you can complete and create with your class.