The Best Way to Recycle

This girl gains an insight to the recycling process at home and at a recycling plant. It highlights different materials and properties, and also shows the different materials that can be recycled.

A great resource to develop key vocabulary and basic understanding of recycling.

Magnets and Scrapyard

This resource looks at different materials in a scrapyard and show how the materials can be sorted using magnets.

Recycling Game

This interactive game allows your children to work on their sorting skills and think about recycling everyday items by looking at their materials.

Recycling Food

Most of our waste food is sent to landfill sites where it is left to rot. When for rots it releases a harmful game called methane. How can food be recycled?

Watch this video clip to find out…

Guide for Recycling Food

This resource allows your children to gain insight to the foods that can be recycled and those that cannot.

Recycling Facts

Check out a range of fantastic recycling facts that will leave your children astounded. Click the image to find out what they are.

Materials to Recycle

This is a fantastic game that encourages your children to place the items in the correct recycling bin.

Recycling Quiz

Once you have finished your topic, put your children’s knowledge to the test. This quiz explores their key concepts your children will need to know about recycling.

Recycling Activities

This is a resource that allows your children to think about how they can reuse different materials to create useful items.

Your children must follow the instructions to create the items.

The Bus

This bus has been created using two wooden pallets, eight old chairs, and old steering wheels and gearstick.

The children can also create sides to the bus and think about the other features to create their own role-play area.

Golf Bugs

Who knew that old golfballs could make lovely decorations for your school garden. The children can explore different mini beasts and decorate a golfball to create their very own mini beast garden decoration.


This is a great construction activity that fits in well with the houses and homes topic.

The children must create an igloo using empty milk cartons.

Flower Pots

How amazing are these plant pot tyres?

Your children can decorate the tyres in any way they want to make a beautiful plant pot display for your school garden.

Pencil Pots

To think that I spent some of my requisition money on pencil pots and then I come across theseā€¦

Water Activity Centre

This is a fantastic water activity centre made using recycled objects. Click the image to take a closer look.

Bird feeder

Create amazing bird feeders using empty plastic bottles.

Encourage your children to think about the materials they can sue to create bird feeders. The n explore the ways in which your can make the bird feeders safe. In this instance your children must be aware that once plastic has been cut it can be very sharp so they must make it safer.

Saving Water

Check out our dedicated page of ways to save water and reduce water wastage.