Sock Snowmen

If you want to know how to build a snowman using socks click the image to find out how.

This is a fantastic piece of Christmas craft work that your children will love and be able to keep for a long time.

Build a Snowman

In this game the children must build a snowman from the ground up.

The game is quite tricky as the parts of the snowman don’t stay in place unless they are correct.


This learning game develops your children’s counting, ordering and number words recognition.

The children must read the instructions and count carefully to give teddy the correct amount of presents.


This is a festive wordsearch for all abilities. The children must read the words associated with Christmas and then highlight it in the wordsearch.

Every time the page is refreshed a new list of words appear. You also have the option to increase the side of the wordsearch and work with more difficult words.

Spot the Difference

Children always love these types of games. This is an interactive activity that requires the children to click on the differences.

The children must spot the difference between the two festive pictures before the time runs out.

Finding Rudolph

This is another festive searching game that the kids will love playing.

The aim is to locate Rudolph in the picture by clicking. Rudolph hies in a different place each time.


This is a very creative way to tell the nativity story.

The story of the birth of baby Jesus is told using sand! This is great for the visual learners in your class! WOW!

Christmas Stories

This is a fantastic resource to have for Christmas time. There are many Christmas stories to choose from depending on your year group.

The children can read through the different stories or have the stories read to them.

The children can then create a front cover for the story they just read.


You can make angels with your class this Christmas time by using the simplest of materials.

Candy Canes

This is a super technique for creating candy canes with your class.

We all know that pipe cleaners are great to manipulate into different shapes for artwork. Click the image to check out how these fantastic candy canes are made.

These would be a great decoration for the school tree!

Silhouette Lights

Artwork is all about effect. These chalk bulbs are a fantastic piece of decorative artwork for this festive season.


Even the youngest of children can create these fingerprint elves. This artwork is great for a Christmas card.

Click the image to see how it is done.


Another great piece of finger painting to create lights.

Chalk Lights

A lovely piece of artwork to create lights to decorate your classroom this Christmas.


How could a day start of any better than entering this classroom?


If you are thinking of giving your children small gifts this Christmas, then check out how to create these parcels.


Another door decorated for the festive season.


And another door decorated for the festive season.


This reindeer is a great idea for gift tags. Simply punch a hole in the corner and voila!

Dancing Reindeer

Give your artwork some personality with this dancing reindeer.

Allow your children to be creative and add more background artwork and choose different poses.

Reindeer Lollipops

Rudolph treats for the kids.

Reindeer Pegs

These reindeer pegs are very simple to create with EYFS/Foundation or early KS1 children.

Sleigh and Reindeer

This festive artwork is a little bit more complex but very effective for a Christmas card.


Another Christmas card design idea.

Snowmen with Personality

How could your class show their personality in their artwork?


A very simple lollipop art idea to create Christmas tree or classroom decorations.

Toilet Roll Ideas

You will be amazed at what you can create using a toilet roll and a dash of paint.

Toilet Roll Trees

These Christmas trees have been created using toilet roll and card.


This wreath is great to do with younger children in EYFS.


A more complex wreath for the older KS1 and KS2 children.