Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale Game

A fantastic interactive resource that shows the journey of Florence and how she helped wounded soldiers and also how she made changes which have influenced modern nursing. It also has activities throughout the story for the children to complete to ensure they are following the storyline.

Animated Story

Florence Nightingale was born into a British noble family in an Italian city called Firenze in 1820.

Although no one recognised her dream, Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert, whom she met during her journey, praised her. The Crimean War broke out between Russia and the combined fores of some countries in 1854. The United Kingdom participated in the war as a member of the combined forces.
Secretary Sidney Herbert thought of Nightingale.
Nightingale was appointed as chief nurse for the field hospitals of the British army on the recommendation of Secretary Herbert. Nightingale selected a few nurses and went to Turkey with them. After arriving at the Scutari Hospital, Nightingale improved sanitary conditions of the dirty place little by little.
She separated and cared for the patients faithfully with all her heart.
When there weren’t sufficient necessities and medical goods, Nightingale spent her money buying necessary equipment. Nightingale contracted Crimean Fever on a winter day while dong the rounds of field hospitals. The long war ended and people decided to build a nursing school for Nightingale. Although everyone praised and called her “an angel in white,” she was always modest. In 1863, Henry Dunant from Switzerland founded the Red Cross, which was designed to treat all the wounded soldiers regardless of friendly or enemy soldiers.
In an address after receiving the first Nobel Peace Prize, Henry Dunant said he had been influenced by Nightingale to set up organization.
She is a true angel in white whose name remains forever in the memory of all the people.

Resource Booklet

A booklet of resources linked to Florence Nightingale.

The Story

Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War.