Houses and Homes

Home Sweet Home


Watch this beautifully animated 3D short film about a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.

This is a great learning resource to introduce houses and homes. The children will get to see a range of homes where people live.

For full lesson plan click here.

Exploring the Local Environment

This is a fantastic resource that allows your class to explore the interactive environment to find banks, schools, swimming pools, houses, shops, offices, farms, factories and much more. Each building has a short description that the children can read or listen to depending on your choice.

The children can also explore different house types and choose different buildings to suit the environment. They will also learn navigational skills such as up, down, left and right.

Overall, a must have resource for houses and homes geographical work.

Energy and Dangers

Allow your children to explore the images for energy sources and explain how they can be potential dangers.

Dangers in the Home

Allow your children to think about the dangers in the different rooms in a house.

This is an interactive resource that allows children to explore different rooms and locate the dangers.

This activity would work well as a talking and listening activity.

Houses and Homes Scrabble

This activity card can be applied to many activities.

You can give your class a word to begin with or you can allow them to choose a word. Ensure the word is long to get the most out of the activity. In this instance, your children will try to link as many features of a house as they can think of. E.g. Window, door etc.

You class will love the challenge of creating as many words as they can.

To extend this activity, add in values for each letter to create scores and link it to numeracy.

Your class can also try to link as many of their high frequency, phonics, shapes, topic or spelling words as they can.

Book Creator

Use book creator app to make a booklet of different house types.

Encourage the children to look for different house types on Google images and list the key features of each house type.


Explore castles as part of your houses and homes topic.

We have a bank full of resources to help inspire your houses and homes topic work.

Castles is also a great platform for your narrative texts in literacy.

Click the image to access our castles page.

Explain Everything - Label a House

The children could use the Explain Everything app to label the features of a house or specific rooms in a house.

You could also ask the children to take an image from the internet and circle the dangers around the house.

To learn more about Explain Everything click here.

To see a lesson plan for this click here.

Houses and Pic Collage

Create a picture collage of homes around the world using the Pic Collage app.

This activity allows your children to research and compare houses from around the world.

To access a lesson plan using the iPad click here.

Resource Booklet

Check out this resource booklet of lesson ideas and printable worksheets to give you more areas to explore when learning about houses and homes.