Parrot Artwork

A beautiful parrot to accompany your pirates topic work!

Pirate Cork Boats

This is a great art activity to complete with your class.

Your children can make simple pirate ships that can float using very simple materials.

Simple Pirate Reading Exercise

This is a very simple comprehension exercise which encourages children (aged 5-6)  to read simple sentences and draw pictures using the information.

Pirate Reading Exercise

This is a more challenging reading activity for children aged 6-7. The children must read the sentences and draw a picture to highlight their understanding.

The children will be reading for meaning as well as learning key vocabulary linked to pirates.

Pirates Poem

This is a fantastic Pirate Poem that encourages your class to look for the rhyming words whilst exploring the structure of poems and rhyming couplets.

Pirate Reward Charts

Download our pirate reward chart to fit in with your topic work.

Children can choose a character or they can design their own flag.

Click the image to download.

Key Word Display

This is a list of useful words associated with the pirates topic. The children can use them as a reference point when completing writing or vocabulary activities.

the resource includes pirate, treasure, palm tree, sword, hook, wooden leg, parrot, sea, ship, map, compass, desert island, jolly roger, flag, hat and eye patch.

Pirate Phrases

This resource is a fun way to learn the different phrases that pirates would use.

You can go though a whole day using the different phrases such as “Avast ye!” – “Pay attention!”

“Buccaneers!” – “Pirates!”

“Savvy!” – “Do you understand?”

and many more…

Pirate Picture Map

This resource can be used in many different ways.

If you are teaching younger children, you could use this as a simple instructions exercise. Instruct the children to point to the compass etc.

This can be used as a dot-to-dot style exercise. Instruct the children to go to the hook first, then sword etc.

You could also link it with phonics and look at initial or final sounds.

You could ask them to count the amount of pictures.

When writing, you could use this as a visual checklist to ensure your children have mentioned the different key vocabulary in their story.

These are just a few ideas – there are many more!

Counting up to 20

This resource allows your class to develop their counting skills.

The children must read the questions at the bottom and then count the images above.

This resource works on counting up to 20 and will also work on recognising key words linked to pirates.

Counting - Mixed

You children will have to count very carefully to see how many there are of each item in the activity card. This activity is still working with numbers below 20 and has different amounts than the resource above.

Pirate Report

Allow your children to create a report using the pictures shown.

Map and Images

This resource allows your class or create their own map and add different characters and features. The resource includes a blank map and 14 images.

Pirate Flag Art

A simple, yet very effective flag.

Ten Little Pirates

This is a great book that you can pick up online for very cheap. It serves as a great introduction to your poetry lesson or topic on pirates.

It is a very simple story that focuses on number sequence as well as rhyming words.

Pirates PowerPoint

A great powerpoint introducing the concept of pirates. The powerpoint explores a few well known pirates and includes questions and answers.

Pirate Ship

Let your children explore the different parts of a pirate ship with this resource.

Label the Pirate

Label the Pirate worksheet.

Pirate Map

Pirate map coordinates.

Pirate Art

A great activity for art when learning about pirates.

Pirate Display

A fantastic pirate display idea to bring your topic to life.

Pirate Adventures

This link brings you to a variety of pirate adventure stories, games, art activities and songs.

The Pirate Song and More...

This link brings you to a variety of pirate adventure songs, stories and downloadable resources.

Mind Map

Pirate story mind map to give your children ideas for their writing.