Weather and Pic Collage

Create a picture collage of different types of weather using the Pic Collage app.

This activity allows your children to research and compare weather patterns across the globe.

To access a lesson plan using the iPad click here.

Explaining the Weather

Your class will learn more about the terminology and what a weather front is with this simple explanation.

Weather Calendar

Download our weather calendar to compliment your role-play area or simply as a working display.

The resource includes the days, dates, months and weather symbols.


Weather Instuments

The ‘Weather Watchers’ in Cumbria keep a weekly record of various aspects of the weather. They use a thermometer to measure the air temperature, an anemometer to measure the wind speed, a weather vane and compass to work out the direction of the wind, and a rain gauge to measure rainfall.

This resource introduces your class to key vocabulary associated with weather and highlights the instruments used to measure the temperature, wind and rain.

The clip also teaches your children why measuring temperature out of direct sunlight is important and many of tips.


An anemometer is a tool made to measure the speed of wind. This anemometer should take 15-30 minutes to make.

Wind Vane

Breezy weather? Help your young scientist relate to weather and make a wind vane —a simple version of a classic scientific measurement tool—in the process!

What You Need:

Round plastic drinking cup with lid, or round food storage container with lid

Pebbles or sand

Sharpened pencil

Drinking straw (a straight one, no bendies!)

Straight pin

Poster board or card stock paper

Black permanent marker

Weather Symbols

This is great for showing your class the different symbols they may see during the weather forecast.

It is useful to see how many children recognise the double symbols as greater intensity of weather.

Thunder and Lightning Comprehension

A comprehension linked to thunder and lightning for KS1 children learning about weather. The piece has been differentiated to suit four levels.

Snowstorms Comprehension

A comprehension linked to snowstorms for KS1 children learning about weather. The piece has been differentiated to suit four levels.

Picture of Memories

Encourage your children to bring in a picture of them during particular weather or showing a particular memory from holidays etc. This is a great Show and Tell exercise and provides an opportunity for children to reflect on past events, discuss their experiences with other children in the class and answer questions. A great talking and listening exercise for Key Stage 1 class.

Weather Puzzle

Word puzzles are a great way to encourage and develop thinking skills. This puzzle gives simple clues to help the children determine weather-related answers. Not only does this game develop children’s vocabulary and reading skills, it also promotes independent learning. There are a variety of levels with different clues and if the child is unsure, the ‘HINT’ will give them a letter to help. The vocabulary alone will have your children asking all sorts of questions! Super resource provided by NASA!

The Weather Game

As you know, children love games and quizzes. In fact, including a points system into any lesson lifts their enthusiasm. This activity would be best suited for higher Key Stage 1 children as it can be quite technical at times. Again, as with many games, there are different levels to progress to. This weather game explores: weather types, seasons and basic water cycle terms.

Weather Web

A web of related vocabulary linked to weather.

Raining Colours

A very simple, yet effective piece of artwork aimed at showing children the effect of running paint. You can encourage the children to paint this using an easel and let the paint run down the page. Complete the girl/boy and umbrella first and ensure the children use plenty of water and a minimal amount of paint.

All about the Weather

This is a super weather resource that explore the various types of weather and how it can affect what we do and wear. The resource is interactive and has questions and activities throughout. By the end the children will:

– identify weather trends

– identify different tools used to record the weather

– use a thermometer to predict weather

UK Cities Map

An image showing some of the major cities in the UK.

Types of Weather

A visual resource showing various types of weather.