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Titanic Board Game

This is a resource that allows your children to learn different facts about the Titanic using a board game.

The different steps follow the journey of the Titanic from leaving Belfast, right up to the survivors arriving in New York. The game also shows specific dates and times when all the main events of the journey happened.

There are 52 questions to answer as the game progresses. Some of the answers will require research but most answers are in the board game.

How to Play

1. You will need a counter and die to play this game.

2. Choose a question card. If you get the question right, roll the die and move your counter. If you get it wrong, stay where you are.

3. Should you land on a step that has arrows, move forwards or backwards in the direction of the arrow.

4. The first player to reach the end of the game wins.

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Titanic Passengers and Crew

Of course you know who Edward Smith, William Murdoch, Charles Lightoller, Herbert Pitman, Joseph Boxhall, Godfrey Lowe, James Moody, Henry Wilde, Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay, Frederick Fleet, David Blair, Jack Phillips, Herbert McElroy, Millvina Dean, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus, Dorothy Gobson, Molly Brown and John Jacob Astor all are. But just incase it may have slipped your memory, download our Titanic Passengers and Crew Resource.

This is very useful for a research activity and can even be used as a display once you have finished using the flashcards.

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Everything Titanic

To watch video clips, learn more details about key crew members, play interactive games and get lesson ideas click here to visit our Titanic page.

CVC - Word Creator

This is a super resource that includes 12 flashcards using the medial vowels a  e  i  o  &  u.

Your class must create as many words as they can using the flashcards. They can do this practically using cubes or scrabble pieces or by writing the CVC words in books or whiteboards. Each medial vowel has two different cards and your children must ensure that the medial vowel, which is a different colour, is in the middle of each word.

This is a great resource as a warm up activity during registration and as a plenary to consolidate what has been learnt.

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Phonics Games

To access more of our phonics stories, worksheets, flashcards, games, resources and more click here.

15 Warm Up Games

This fantastic resource is made up of 15 warm up games to play with your KS1 class during PE.

This is very useful as not only will it give you great ideas for games, but it will also give you very clear instructions of how to set up and complete the games.

A must have resource for PE enthusiasts.

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