Number Bonds



Numbers 1-10

Download our blank template which allows your class to work on any number up to 10.

First they draw or collect the number of objects.

Next they practise writing the number.

Next they make the amount using coins.

Finally they find it in the number line.


If you are working on estimation, these are the games that will ensure your children have fun and learn.

Click the image to access the estimation games.

Counting Practice

This great activity allows your children to develop their counting skills using the iPad.

The app is called Bugs and Buttons and allows the children to count different mini beasts on the screen.


This activity gives children the opportunity to recognise and develop their understanding of quantity.

The children will each receive a paper plate and colour it in blue. They will they create fish using card or tissue paper. Depending on the number you are working on, instruct the children to include an amount of fish.

Say you are looking at number facts to 10, five fish can be blue and five can be red. Encourage children to think of their own facts up to the target number.

When finished, all the fish bowls will make a fantastic display.

Counting up to 4

This activity allows your children to count different animals to create a graph. The numbers range from 1-4.

Each time your child enters the correct amount, they are presented with a new image.

Sequence of Number

A great activity to encourage the recollection of number sequences.

Numbers up to 10

The first song is a great introduction to the sequence of numbers up to 10.

The children can sing along and will repeat the sequence of number without thinking.

There are also other rhymes included in this video resource.

Number 5

This resource helps the children visualise the quantities of numbers up to 5.

Allow your children to join in with this catchy song.

Number 5

Five Little Speckled Frogs.

This resource helps the children when learning about the number 5 and can also be used to teach about 1 less.

Once the children are familiar with the song, you can place them in groups of 5 and allow them to sing the song and complete the actions. You can print off frog masks to add to the activity.

The children love singing along!

Counting and Ordering

This learning game develops your children’s counting, ordering and number words recognition.

The children must read the instructions and count carefully to give teddy the correct amount of presents.

Learning to Count

In this activity, you can choose if you want your children to work on numbers or words of numbers. You simply set the higher amount you want your children to count up to.

In the game, the children must read and drag the amount of cupcakes on top of the teddy.

Numbers 1-20 Sequence

This activity works on the recognition and the sequence of numbers up to 20.

The children will pop the balloons in order to work on their quick counting recall.

As the children pop the balloons, a voice calls out the number. If the children select the wrong number the girl says, “Oops!” and they must try another number.

Number Words

This is a super number game that works on recognising number words up to 10 and then 20 for the Foundation Stage.

The children must splat the fruit that matches the number word shown.

Numbers to 20

Your class can work on counting different objects up to 20 using this resource.

One page has the toys in rows and the other has the toys all mixed up to challenge your more able children.

Number words to 10 - Anagrams

This is an anagram worksheet gives your class the opportunity to rearrange letters to create number words up to 10.

They must rearrange the letters to spell the words that match the numbers.

Numbers 11-20

This worksheets involves the children rearranging the words to find out the codes to unlock both safes.

This worksheets also works on ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.

Before, After and Between

A brilliant resource to help children locate numbers by following the oral instructions.

You can choose the number parameters.

Numbers to 20 Worksheets

These worksheets allow your children to practise writing numbers by counting on and back using numbers 1-20.

Find the Number

In this activity, the children must locate the number that is spoken and turn the grey clouds into rainbows.

This works on identifying numbers up to 20 and is useful as the children must make a choice from a few given options.

Number Sequences to 20

The children must complete the number sequence by adding in the missing number.

The missing number can appear at the beginning, middle or end of the given sequence.


This game helps your children recognise the pattern between numbers and positions.

You children must read the speech bubble and place the alien in the corresponding position.

Before, Between and After

A great learning game that focuses of the order of numbers whilst learning new mathematical vocabulary.

The children must read the statement carefully and work out the answer.

Number Line

This is a useful learning resource to have when teaching children about the number line. Children very quickly see the sequence but they find it more challenging to count the increments carefully.

You can choose to work within 10 or go up to 20.

Number Sequence

This is a great learning game to use when children are being introduced to the sequence of numbers.

The children must match the letters to the house to create the correct number sequence to 10.

Counting Fish

The game works to develop counting skills.

The children must count the fish and select the correct amount. When a child hovers over the number, it tells them the number aloud.

As the children progress through the game, they are introduced to a variety of animals and objects.

Number Lines

This activity works on counting using the number line.

Once the children are able to add using items (concrete), try moving them onto the number line to lay the foundations for counting on and counting back using fingers or mentally.

Ordering Numbers

You must select and order the numbers consecutively to progress to the next stage.

A great learning game to help consolidate the value of numbers.


Order the numbers from the least to greatest.


A fantastic idea for an Oral Mental Starter to get your children thinking.

Number Bonds Display

This is a great display for your classroom when exploring the story of 10. It can also act as a reference point for number facts.

Number Bonds Flashcards

This resource develops understanding and quick recall of number bonds from numbers 1 to 10.

On each flashcard, the children can see all the different ways to create the number shown, much like they would when using cuisenaire rods.

This can be used to reinforce the quick recall of number facts and can be given home at the end of the week, month, term and year to consolidate the learning of number bonds.

A must have resource for Foundation Stage teachers.

Save the Whale

Create different number bonds to 10 and save the whale.

In this activity, your children must match the pipes to create 10. Number bonds are important for quick recall and for pattern recognition in number throughout the key stages.

Skip Counting

A great activity to help children work on their skip counting recollection.

Odd and Even

A great odd and even numbers activity to consolidate learning of patterns in number.

Alien Pairs to 10

A great activity to help your children learn the pairs to make 10.

A super number bonds activity to consolidate learning of number facts.

Adding in Style

What a fantastic way to introduce the concept of adding in a practical way.

The children would get such a buzz from taking part in this activity.

Fantastic idea for an interactive play area linked to numeracy.

Answer Pegs

This number resource is a practical way to play the game – the answer is…what is the question? 

This is a great way to encourage your reluctant learners to reinforce their story of number understanding or even their addition and subtraction skills.

You could give the children each five wooden pegs, a pen and an answer to create their sums. Then the children could get into groups of 3 or 4 and put all the pegs into one basket (in the middle). Finally the children swap their numbers with other children in the group.

Great resource!

Numbers to 50 Worksheets

Download resources linked to the sequence of number to 50 by clicking the image.

Ordinal Numbers

This is a great number game that develops understanding of ordinal numbers first, second, third, fourth and fifth etc.